Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence for Companies

Use your data as the basis for decisions in your company. Whether it’s ordering the right products and quantities in purchasing. Allocating budgets correctly through transparency in your marketing channels. Or providing your sales staff with all relevant information about products and customers live and automatically.

We support you on your way to becoming a data-driven company and stand by your side from planning to implementation of your business intelligence solution.

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What we do

We turn your Data in Real insights

Huge amounts of data are collected every day in every company. But very few know how to use it successfully. Used correctly, data can help you gain insights and leverage potential – from purchasing to sales.

Together we discover the potential of your data and make it usable. We support you from planning to implementation along the entire business intelligence workflow.

Identification of Use Cases

Together with you, we examine how data can be used successfully in your company.

Your Use Cases

We identify challenges and potentials of your company and develop concrete use cases, how data can be used profitably in your company.

Data infrastructure setup

We build your state-of-the-art data infrastructure that grows with you. For just a few euros per month.

Your Infrastructure

ELT routes, data warehousing, Kimball and modern data stack. Doesn't ring a bell? We can help you design and implement a Silicon Valley-standard decision platform. Thanks to the cloud.

Gaining knowledge

We turn your raw, unorganized data into reports and analyses that lead to real insights.

Deine Erkenntnisse

Wir modellieren deine Daten so, dass die Logiken deines Geschäfts berücksichtigt sind. Individuell auf dich zugeschnittene Reports und Dashboards sorgen dafür, dass du jederzeit Antworten auf deine Fragen findest.

Building internal data expertise

We empower you to make data-driven decisions - independently and at any time.

Your Data-Skills

BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau and Looker are more accessible than ever. We'll show you how to use these tools in your decision making. Whether at work, at home or on the road.


We will make you smarter

The days of tedious Excel reports and content-less dashboards are over: We help you gain real insights from your data.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have concrete questions in mind or don’t yet know exactly how data can be used properly in your company.

We accompany you on the way from the outline of suitable use cases to the final result. Whether as a sparring partner or full service – you decide!

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Results In 30 days

Your path to real insights 💡

🚀 Kick-off workshop: Requirements Engineering

In a joint workshop, we talk about your challenges and goals. Whether it's transparency in your processes, reporting on the most important company KPIs, or simply the infrastructure with which you will henceforth travel independently - your requirement, your use case. 

Day 1

🔧 Establishment of data infrastructure

Within a few days we centralize your scattered data sources with the help of modern data infrastructure. Our solution is based on the modern data stack: simple, scalable, and without time-consuming maintenance.  

Day 2 - Day 7

📊 Delivery of BI dashboards & analyses

We deliver customized reports that provide answers to your questions. No matter whether in marketing, purchasing, your processes or sales. With the help of modern BI tools such as Power BI or Tableau, you will from now on also be able to compile your own analyses - at any time and without external dependencies.

Day 8 - Day 30

🙏 You decide what happens next

Training in the use of implemented tools such as dbt, Power BI or Tableau? Implementing more reports that solve your challenges? Or time for you to become compliant with all the new ways to analyze? Your project, your choice.

And after that?

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Actionable Insights

Our most important KPI:
Return on

Colorful graphics of your data are all well and good. But what’s important is what you do with it. It’s important to us that you get real insights from your data that you can use immediately. We call that actionable insights. That’s how we measure ourselves.

You still have questions?

Torben is our expert for designing sustainable data strategies. As CEO of siːkwəl and former Chief Strategy Officer of a successful e-commerce company, he is happy to answer your questions on how to identify concrete use cases and make data solutions have real business impact. 👋

Book your personal meeting with me here.